Meet the team

In order to make an impact, we need a team rallied around the same goal. These are the students working to be better stewards of our planet.

Amanda Pfeil

I am a fourth-year Sustainability and Geography double major! I believe climate change is the most significant threat the Earth is facing, which is why I am passionate about sustainability! Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference!

Wyatt Throm

I’m a fourth-year UT student double majoring in sustainability studies and geography! Sustainability is important to me because we only have one earth with limited resources and right now it is heading down a dangerous path and I want to do everything I can to make a lasting positive impact!

Elizabeth Gillam

I am a third-year Sociology and Geography double major who is passionate about sustainability because the Earth is in need of climate action initiatives that are equitable and inclusive of all. 

Amelia Atkins

I am a second-year Sustainability and Geography double major. Growing up, my Opa would tell me that, if I listened, the trees would speak to me. With that in the back of my mind, I want our future generations to be able to see the same species of trees, plants, and animals I grew up seeing.

From the founder

From tackling the issues of endocrine disrupting chemicals in consumer products to digging holes to plant trees, the goal with EcoEvo was to provide the world with easy actionable steps to safeguarding the planet. The technology and information already exist on how to take these steps. We just have to get everyone off of the sidelines and into the game and participating. All too often I believe that these steps seem daunting or that a single person's impact is not enough to move the needle. Given my experience in bringing change to everything from baby bottles to sunscreen, we can all be a cog in the wheel to change.

No matter the age

Our team consists of people from every age. You don't need to be a college grad or an adult to get involved. In fact, there is big argument here that empowering the young will elicit more long term change. Growing up with healthy habits for the planet and keeping a watchful eye on the folks making impactful decisions for the planet can only be a good thing. EcoEvo hopes to encourage everyone from little kids to seniors to get involved. If you can dig a hole, you're in..

Natural Habitats

Bringing positive change to more than one part of the natural equation.