We’re about replenishing the planet to safeguard against climate change ...

and bringing back the beauty of natural habitats.


ECO-FRIENDLY: In everything that we do, ECOEVO is focused on being a positive voice for environmental change.

EVOLVE: In order to enact environmental change, we need to evolve our current relationship with the planet. Every step taken by individuals, organizations, and governments has a cumulative effect. Our job is to show the world how simple, daily steps can lead to significant change for our little spinning globe.

Our approach

Simplicity: The more people who understand the depth and breadth of their environmental footprint, the easier it becomes for them to incorporate simple steps to reduce that footprint.

Seeds: To offer our partner companies a tangible way to enact change, we provide them with regionally-based plant seeds that can be utilized in a variety of ways.

Students: Our organization is led by college students and backed by research from leading professors and experts in their fields of study.

Simple Dailies
For everyone
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For college students and thought leaders
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Got Seeds?
For organizations
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Seed planting

With every donation, individuals and our partner organizations will receive seed packets to directly take on the negative effects with Climate Change. Together, we roll up our sleeves to make a positive difference.

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Collegiate Activation

Creation of a nationwide network of ECOEVO members which will both engage in tree planting sessions and running the non-profit. As we're building for the future, we need to be building our future thought leaders for the environment. We've found that no group is more motivated than Gen Z.

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Thought Leaders

Linkage to current thought leaders and professors to help provide"actionable steps".All too often the information on how we can all do better is too complex or too difficult to find.  Our goal is to provide the world with very easy daily steps. As a collective these steps will have a very real, positive impact on the world.

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