Mission Statement
Striving to replenishing the planet, safeguard against climate change, and restore the beauty of natural habitats.
a little history
Hugging trees

EcoEvo was established by the co-founders of BRIXY, a shampoo bar company focused on eliminating plastic use in body care. When customers placed an order, we sent a complimentary seed packet with it. This encouraged customers to interact with and develop an appreciation for nature. After so much positive feedback, we wanted to create an education-based system that helps companies provide consumers with a tangible way to combat deforestation. We then expanded to include Simple Dailies, offering ways for individuals to reduce their environmental footprint. Thus, EcoEvo was born.

taking action
the growth of an idea

There is an abundance of information on human-caused environmental change and ways to mitigate it. But, it's spread all over the internet, and not always easy to comprehend. We believe making things simple, so we created a database where those practices were easy to find and easy to implement.

We also know that behavior change is motivated when a there is a visual difference. Planting seeds creates a physical and emotional connection to the planet.

In our experience, the demographic most motivated to tackle climate change is college-aged adults. Their hope and passion is inspiring, and that's why we want college students at the forefront of our organization.


As a non-profit, all funds support the longevity of EcoEvo. As we grow, we strive for complete transparency. Eventually, our yearly financial report will be linked below.