Below you'll find tons of suggestions for simple steps you can take around the house.

Turn off lights when leaving a room

Every little action will lead to big amounts of energy saved in the long run

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Use a power strip to easily unplug electronics when not in use.

Many electronics continue using energy even when powered down and using a power strip can make sure no electricity is wasted when it is turned off

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Make sure windows are closed when AC is on

Closing windows when AC is running increases the efficiency of your air conditioning machine and decreases your energy usage

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Purchase energy saving (LED) light bulbs

Choosing the energy saving lightbulbs can surprisingly help save your households energy usage

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Only wash full loads of laundry

This can help limit the amount of water and energy used when washing your laundry

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Consider opening the blinds to light a room during the day

Using natural lighting can help save energy that would be used for artificial alternatives

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