Below you'll find tons of suggestions for simple steps you can take around the house.

Compost food waste

Incorporating composting into your daily routine can help reduce greenhouse gas emissons

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Only do full loads of laundry and use cold cycles

This will help reduce the water and energy used, saving money and limited carbon footprint

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Set thermostat at 77 in Summer and 67 in Winter

This will greatly reduce the amount of energy used and reduce your homes carbon footprint by roughly 50%

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Close windows when AC is running

This will increase the efficiency of your air conditioning machine and decrease your energy usuage

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Consider installing a greywater system for your lawn

A greywater system allows you to reuse water for multiple purposes, this will save households money on their water bill

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Swap paper towels for reusable kitchen rags

This will help greatly limit the amount of trash produceded from your household

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